Mobile Phone Covers

Mobile Phone Covers

Mobile phone Covers are without a doubt a must! Although most of us, when signing up for a new contract for our new mobile might take out that additional insurance against damage you should just take that extra step and keep covered.

It’s no secret that flagship models retail for quite a bit of moola these days. Personally paying that little bit extra in the long run will save you a fair amount at the end of the day, lets face it gone are the days where you lugged a brick around, that should you accidentally have dropped it, it would have cracked the paving you were walking on, nowadays our mobiles are pretty much made of glass.

But truly protective cases don’t come cheap. You can count on an additional $20-$40 for a shock-absorbing protective case for your phone but like I said at the end of the day it’ll be way worth it, also you can give your phone a snazzier look.

Although there are many advantages to keeping your phone covered phone accidents can still occur and the cover by no means will guarantee your mobile from being damaged if you were to drop it, get it wet or by any other unforeseen circumstances, but will definitely be more effective should you not have a cover.

Choosing your mobile phone cover is also a personal choice but one should consider how aesthetically pleasing it is, it might look good but might be rather bulky effecting your overall grip of your mobile or you might really like that, but it is something you should bare in mind, also how easily it will then fit into your pocket or handbag.

Why choose a Mobile phone cover

Well in a nutshell your case will hopefully save you’re rather expensive phone from any misfortune such as:

  • Accidentally dropping your phone due to loose grip
  • Frequently texting or talking near water
  • Any scratches or signs of aging
  • Protection from any small child that should get hold of  your phone

What covers can I choose from?

There are many cases to choose from, both thick or slimmer choices along with various designs to choose from.

Cases for your cellphone are made from various materials – plastic, metal, wood, vinyl or leather.

Plastic Mobile phone Covers :

There are several types of plastic commonly used in cell phone cases. These days the most popular is poly-carbonate, an extremely hard plastic that is also used to make bulletproof windows and many other items. Polypropylene is a hard plastic often used to make protective cases.

Polyurethane is the most versatile of the plastics used to craft cell phone cases. It can be hard or soft, and it can be shaped using a variety of different mold types. Polyurethane is easy to recycle, and you can sometimes find cell phone cases made with recycled products. (Vinyl cases)

Metal Mobile phone Covers:

Most metal cellphone cases are predominantly made from Aluminum.
You can also purchase cell phone cases made with titanium, brass and precious metals like gold. 
Metal cases do a great job of protecting cell phones from falls and scratches.

Wooden Mobile phone Covers:

Wood phone cases are made from real bamboo wood, walnut wood and rosewood with
a soft rubberised shell on the sides to give your phone maximum protection.
With wood cases you can actually create your own wooden phone case with a picture,
text or logo, the sky is the limit.

Leather Mobile phone Covers:

Covers made from genuine leather offering you that look of royalty, with a snug and comfortable
fit for your phone, there are places that will actually custom make you a leather cover for your
phone, with the leather cover option you can also have a logo or text imprinted into it.

Rugged Mobile phone covers:

At the top end in the safety stakes, you’ll find some seriously rugged covers, but they are going to be bulky and heavy.

The inclusion of air pockets and reinforced corners dramatically reduces the risk of damage to your device, but it inevitably adds more bulk.

They should also be easy to grip, even with wet hands, but you might find that makes it harder to slide them in and out of pockets.

You may need to buy a belt clip or holster to accommodate the larger cover.

Tough Mobile phone cases

If you want a case that will definitely survive a drop, but you don’t want to add too much
bulk or completely forfeit on style, then you’ll find loads of great tough cases to choose from.

A standard combination that works very well is a layer of hard poly-carbonate with an inner layer
of something softer, like silicone, to absorb shock.

Look for the military drop test certification.

Case and Point

I’m pretty sure most of you have experienced some sort of damage to a mobile you previously owned once before, it’s just a down right hassle, whether it was due to a cracked screen, getting water damaged or having met its unfortunate end by some or other mishap, if you have well getting a cover is a no brainer.

Moral of the story

Personally I think purchasing a smartphone today is an investment, it’s our lively hood, we cant actually live without it, so we should take extra care of it especially since they are rather pricey.

So no matter what you choose for your phone there’s nothing like making it yours with that personal touch.

No matter what case you choose most covers if not all today offer top quality protection, I personally bought a “cheapy” and it worked remarkably well.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to post a comment on any product you would like to see here please feel free to do so.

It will be great to hear from you. Let me know how I can help you further.

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  • July 12, 2018 at 8:17 am

    Wowee did not know there are so many covers available!! have had a look at your site and am blown away by the many things you can buy to complement the iphone / smart phone! it is amazing I particularly like the camera accessories on your front HOME PAGE but there is no link to the product, so I do not know if that is deliberate??..and I tried a couple more accessories images on the HOME page but no luck . Anyway I have an old cover on mine so I will check out your list here. Thank you for the information

    • July 12, 2018 at 11:06 am

      Hi Gus

      Thanks so much for the awesome review, I will eventually have links for you to click on so you can aquire the products, this website is still in its infancy stage, so building traffic at the moment is part 1, keep in touch tho there will be a lot of awesome stuff coming!



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