Samsung Foldable phone-To be expected in 2019

Samsung foldable phone

Rumour has it the Samsung Foldable phone will be released early next year. This foldable device will be accompanied by a curved battery that will have a capacity of 6,000mAh.

The name of the Samsung Foldable phone is still under debate but looks as if it might be called the Samsung Galaxy X.

A little History

The idea of the Samsung Foldable phone has been around for quite some time since 2011 to be more exact. Even tho the prototype was bulky and looked odd, it worked pretty well. This being said it was never launched as a commercial product.

To show Samsung’s ambition with technology they launched a concept video of a Samsung foldable mobile device. This device  could fold out from a phone sized screen to a tablet sized screen.

Although this was a great concept idea we are still a little far from achieving such a marvel. That being said Samsung has been trying to marvel this technology since 2012. Their issue came with trying to get the screens to bend and so this pushed them back another year. This didn’t hinder Samsung in any way, they came up with the concept of using a plastic that’s thin, light and flexible enough to fully fold and even roll for their screen. They were hoping to launch this by mid 2013.

However, sometimes when one problem seems to have been solved a new one can present itself. In Samsung’s case the problem arose when the screen had to be encapsulated, this protected the screen from moisture and air damage.

Samsung Round

In 2013, the samsung curve was the closest Samsung came what was viewed as a Samsung foldable phone. It was like nothing that had been presented through the concept video’s and prototypes launched by Samsung but it was the first curved screen. From there the technology improved with the Samsung galaxy Note Edge followed by the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

After that, not much was mentioned again in the industry about the Samsung foldable phones.

Foldable Rumours cont…

Rumours from 2015 through to 2016 came and went about the Samsung Foldable phone being launched but nothing materialised.

Samsung Galaxy X

This name is said to have come from Project Valley. This was the code name given to the first Samsung foldable phone which was supposed to be launched in 2015. According to reports this newly developed Samsung foldable phone, having a 4k foldable display would be launched in 2017. Of course this didn’t happen either.

The Artificial Muscle component

In 2017 Samsung came up with a patent, the ability to fold a phone without damaging any internal components. The patent described an “artificial muscle”, which would move in time with the screen bending to protect other components.

We’ve seen this so called Galaxy X all over the internet, but not sure if what we’ve been seeing is anything like it’s going to be. The info that’s been released keeps changing from one year to the next, so guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

What can we expect?

Talk of the Samsung foldable phone’s release date has been going on since beginning 2017.  It’s been promising we’d see the release of the phone during that year, as you can see, that didn’t happen. This was more than likely due to some technical issues. Other sources similarly said that several thousand dual-screen prototypes might land
in 2017, but that a commercially available product wouldn’t.

One of Samsung’s display engineers has been reported to saying that we won’t see the Samsung foldable phone for a while because the bezel-free displays are currently selling well. This gives them enough time to develop the Samsung foldable phone’s display. The technology is expected to hit us sometime by 2019.

It’s said that in early 2018 Samsung was likely to start producing the phone which will apparently have a 7.3-inch display. It will be launched hopefully around December or early 2019 but have warned it could be quite pricey!

Apparently some folding phone prototypes have already been revealed behind closed doors in January this year. According to Samsung’s financial results which included claims that foldable OLED panels and phones could be a big money-maker for Samsung in 2018. This yet more evidence that the Galaxy X is coming soon.

It could be a Winner

So apparently another plausible name for Samsung’s new release could be called the”Winner. ” The final handset will be made up of three 3.5-inch screens. These screens will then be able to fold open to tablet size like a book. These screens are said to be ready by the end of 2018.

We have however heard about Samsung’s new foldable phone marvels though for the last 7 years. This could be just another rumour to get our hopes up, only time will tell. I would like to think however due to the way technology has advanced over the years, and how rapidly it’s advanced. I’m pretty confident that this formidable launch actually just might take place. I’m most certainly holding thumbs on this one.

Just a heads up, should this Galaxy X come to light, it’s said to come out at a price around about $1,850. So I would start saving if I were you.

The Up and coming future ahead

Well what can I say other than following the trend of Samsung over the years with regard to the foldable phone there’s nothing concrete as yet. Even now with the promises of the Galaxy X foldable phone being launched at then end of this year or early next year 2019, it’s simply yet, just another rumour.

We do know one thing is for sure a lot of the key problems Samsung had in the past have been solved, this includes having a screen that’s able to fold a thousand times without breaking and also avoid causing damage to internal components.

So let’s see what the future holds!

Let me know your thoughts, please feel free to leave comments or suggestions to make your experience here better!





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    Wow! This post is outstanding in my opinion. The page just grabbed me right away with your colorful header which is so relative to what the page is about. I wasn’t interested in the foldable phone because I had not heard of it. But through your article I now know about it and will be looking for one next year if it pans out.

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      Hi Vanna
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